Film Your Own

Filmed by you. Edited by us.

Fun Wedding Videography

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We deliver the cameras

We edit it

You film it

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Film Your Own are the original DIY wedding video company offering you a more fun and realistic version of your big day. Having your friends and family behind the camera makes for a much more relaxed atmosphere and allows them to capture all those magical moments and behind the scenes gems that otherwise would have been missed. And don't worry your “film crew” do not have to be pros. We provide full training and the latest HD video cameras and the rest is taken care of in the editing suite where we add all the professional touches. Your choice of music, animated titles awesome graphics and special effects will spice up your final masterpiece and turn your home video into something special. With over 8 years of experience in film and corporate video production you know you are in safe hands with FYO.

You Capture the Real Magic!

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We courier our cameras Australia wide.
Going overseas? Can't bring your videographer with you? Contact us to see how we can help.

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